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Contest Categories


  1. SHOW ROOM STOCK: Any vehicle produced by a major manufacturer as presented on the show room floor.                   

    2. BOX STOCK: Built using parts supplied in the kit. Other decals and Baremetal foil is allowed.

    3. STREET ROD: 1948 and older modified street legal vehicle.  

   4. STREET MACHINE: 1949 and newer modified street legal vehicles.

    5. PRO STREET: Narrowed rear axle coupled with oversized rear wheels. Must be street legal.

   6. CUSTOM: Major or minor body styling modifications.

    7. LOWRIDERS: Modified so that its ground clearance is less than its design specification.

    8. IMPORTS: Any vehicle produced outside of, and imported to the 50 states.

    9. TUNERS: American or Foreign vehicle built to replicate the latest “Tuner” style.

  10. CURB SIDE: Models are judged as displayed on table, judges do not pick up the models.

  11. SLAMMERS: No engines or interiors. No panels or doors open. Judges do not pick up the models.

  12. SMALL SCALE: Vehicles 1/32 scale and smaller.

  13. LARGE SCALE: Vehicles larger than 1/24 scale.

  14. MOTORCYCLES: All Scales and Styles including Trikes.

  15. JUNIORS: Ages 12 and under.

  16. JUNIORS: Ages 13 - 17.

  17. UNFINISHED: Only one major component is allowed to be completed. Does not have to be in primer.

  18. TRUCKS & VANS: Pick-ups, vans, 4x4's. Must be street legal.

  19. COMMERCIAL & PUBLIC SERVICE: Light & heavy trucks, vans, fire, military, rescue, police and taxi.

  20. COMPETITION STRAIGHT LINE: All race cars that run in a straight line, Drag racing, Bonneville.

  21. COMPETITION OUT OF BOX: All years and divisions. Aftermarket decals and Baremetal foil is allowed.

  22. COMPETITION NASCAR : 1990 and newer.

  23. COMPETITION NASCAR HISTORICAL: 1989 and earlier. All divisions.

  24. ALL OTHER COMPETITION: Must be automotive related.

  25. MISCELLANEOUS: Any automotive related model that does not fit into one of the other categories.

  26. DIORAMAS: Any type of scene involving an automotive subject.

  27a. TBA for 2022

 27B. TBA for 2022